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We’re your neighbors … your coaches … your customers … your friends – we’re the Sunoco Ethanol Fulton, New York Manufacturing Plant. We’re one of the largest, most advanced ethanol producers in the United States. A company committed to driving the local, state and national economies by: hiring local employees; supporting statewide corn producers; and producing a renewable transportation fuel which helps lower gasoline prices, lower greenhouse gas emissions, and reduce our nation’s dependency on foreign oil.

Sunoco Ethanol Production
By The Numbers
One bushel of corn (56 pounds) can produce...
2.7 gallons of Ethanol
17 pounds of CO2
17 pounds of Distiller Grains
0.07 gallons of Corn Oil
Tim Hardy,
General Manager
We’re extremely proud of our Fulton plant and the people who work here. We invite you to learn more about our plant, the benefits of ethanol production, and our commitment to the local community.
Great Grower:
Austic Farms
Bruce Austic and his family own Austic Farms in Interlaken, NY. Their farm spans nearly 8,000 total acres, including 2,500 acres of soy beans, 1,200 acres of wheat, 400 acres of hay, and, of course, 3,900 acres of corn.  MORE>

Sunoco's 1886 Malt House begins operation!   MORE

Kernel Knowledge
Did you know...
Ethanol production in 2012 added more than 386,000 direct and indirect jobs across the country; $40.6 billion to the gross domestic product; and $28.9 billion in household income.*
An 85 million gallon per year ethanol facility, such as the Sunoco Ethanol plant in Fulton, New York, can: add $274 million to the local GDP; help create 1,540 new jobs – including early 40 at the plant and more than 1,500 in the agricultural sector; boost regional household incomes by $49 million.*
America’s ethanol industry not only leads the world in the production and use of ethanol, it is also one of the largest exporters of fuel ethanol in the world.
* Source: Renewable Fuels Association