Fulton, New York: Former New York State Lieutenant Governor and current Rochester Business Alliance President and CEO Robert Duffy toured the Sunoco Ethanol Plant in Fulton, New York. The visit came on the heels of a $200,000 grant from the State's Regional Economic Development Council, over which Duffy presided, to support construction of a new weigh-station at the plant.

"I was very impressed with the plant's capabilities and its capacity to process nearly 85 million gallons of ethanol fuel per year," Duffy said. "I appreciated the fact that beyond ethanol, the process includes a number of critical by-products including CO2 (for use in carbonation systems), dried distiller grains used for livestock feed, and corn oil. It was also nice to hear that the ethanol plant employs nearly 75 full-time staff and is growing, and purchases the majority of its corn from regional farmers, which makes this plant a win-win for the region."

During his Dec. 16 visit, the plant's leadership team delivered a presentation on Ethanol 101 – providing a history of the plant and an overview of the ethanol manufacturing process.

The Fulton plant is the first ethanol processing facility owned and operated by Sunoco, Inc., and is located on 115 acres that was home to a Miller Brewing plant from 1971-1994. The ethanol produced by the Sunoco Fulton plant is used in Sunoco racing fuels, the official fuel of NASCAR®, and blended into everyday gasoline.

"We were excited to have Lieutenant Governor Duffy visit our plant," said Timothy Hardy, general manager. "We were appreciative of his time and his keen interest in our capabilities and what it means to this region. His willingness to help us connect with other processing companies across the state, where there may be some production synergies, is a great indication of how New York State is supporting its manufacturing base."

For more information on the Sunoco Fulton Ethanol Plant, please contact Jeff Shields, Sunoco Inc. Communications Manager, at 215-977-6056 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..